dJAM, mod. GOLD – Black Base



Black base, gold numbers.

Details: diameter 9 cm; width of the walls 3 mm; weight about 80 gr.




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dJAM is a universal die, that includes the results of the dice usually used in Role Games (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d30).

This possibility is given by the geometrical shape of the trapezoidal hexacontahedron, made from sixty kite-shaped faces, that allows to place the results of each die respecting the statistical distribution. To make a clear and simple example, let’s take d4. Each of its values (1, 2, 3, 4) is collocated on fifteen faces, therefore the probability of drawing any result is always 1:4 (60/15=4). The same mechanism goes for all the other dice, except for d8, like you have already noticed, for which we had to find an alternative solution (doubling the values, see the explicative picture in the product gallery).

Every “virtual die” included in dJAM is indicated by the position of the respective value on the face and by a specific font (also by the color, in the Colors model). In the product gallery you can find some parts of the instructions that are in dJAM’s box: with the distribution of the values on the faces and the application method for the stickers.

dJAM can also open and close just like a container, thanks to its strong micro-magnets, collocated on the edge of the two domes: it can be used as a dice carrier or a general holder. Once it is closed it stays locked and compact, so you can use it without any problem: it rolls harmonically. dJAM can be hung to bags, rucksacks or wherever you like, just adding the small loop when you are closing it.

Buying option STICKER APPLICATION: applying the stickers is a simple and straightforward task, that only takes 15-25 minutes, depending on the ability and the wished exactness… however for those who don’t like this type of job, it is possible to order dJAM with the stickers already on, by only adding 6,00 €. Please note: this operation is manually performed, so we can’t guarantee a medium error range inferior to 0,5 mm.

(We must point out, to those who possibly doubt their own skills to personally perform this operation, that more evident errors are hardly noticeable!)

For your information: dJAM has a polycarbonate base, a robust and smooth material, but it is left with machine finishing, just to soften the plastic appearance and to give a natural and pleasant look. The rare and minuscular defects of the surface are therefore normal and expected.

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